Tecnobioplant tiene el placer de informar que contamos con la certificación GLOBALG.A.P.

Innovative New GLOBALG.A.P. Member from Spain at the Cutting Edge of Development

Technology, innovation, and perseverance are the three basic pillars on which TecnoBioPlant was founded in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The company is still relatively young but has already put down firm roots in the agricultural sector and is complemented by excellent staff with many years of experience in the market.

TecnoBioPlant was founded in 2010 with the aim of accomplishing a long-term project to improve the horticultural plant production market using state-of-the-art technology. The company’s desire to excel ensures that its employees improve day by day and provide customers with products of the highest possible quality while making sure that customer interaction is always direct, friendly, and personal.

As true insiders of the trade, TechnoBioPlant’s staff knows first-hand the immense effort involved in producing high-quality crops.

TecnoBioPlant has been actively involved in all forms of innovation and development in the field of agriculture since its founding. Participation in a wide range of events, conferences, and varied workshops allow the company to keep up to date with the latest innovations and developments in the world of agriculture. ”TecnoBioPlant S.L [l2] . is a company which has played an active role in the innovation and development of agriculture since its very beginning. Not only that, the company also realizes the significance of professionalism in agriculture and conducts business in compliance with the applicable standards and good agricultural practices. This desire for professionalism and continuous growth is what inspired TecnoBioPlant to join GLOBALG.A.P., which will allow an assurance of the quality of our products and reinforce customers’ trust in the company,” explains Fernando de la Torre Baca, Head of Quality.

Healthy, strong, well-balanced, and with an established root system are factors that form the basis for most of the company’s work, with the aim of providing customers with ideal plants for the best-possible transplanting dates, paying attention to the phytosanitary requirements of both, the plant itself and its surroundings in the seedbed. The company uses a variety of different growing media, from turf to perlite and coconut fiber to rockwool, and has a variety of tray formats at its disposal that can be tailored to the best cultivation conditions and varieties of plants.

Specialized in plant grafting, the company’s team has more than 20 years of experience in the solution aimed at combating pests and soil-borne diseases. All members of the team constantly strive for continuous improvement by exploring and applying the best techniques and advances on the market, allowing the company to offer its customers plants that are capable of providing them with optimal yields and top-quality crops, which in turn translates into better value for money.

TecnoBioPlant provides high quality cucurbit grafts (cucumber, watermelon, melon), grafts using the one cotyledon technique (in fact, the company was the first to introduce this method in Spain), and solanaceae grafts (tomato, eggplant, bell pepper). The company has great respect for the environment, and the use of grafts dovetails perfectly with another one of its specialties: ecological agriculture.


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